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7-day Easter discounts and a big-unveil from Slimtea!

Slimtea is launching a 7- Day discount count-down to the big unveil of a brand new Slimtea program!

To celebrate our customers, we are offering a 15% discount off of every pack of Slimtea sold from the 24th to the 30th of March, 2017!
Now you can experience healthy weight loss at a discounted price and save that extra cash!

Our distributors are not left out! Slimtea is introducing new heavily discounted packages for all interested distributors! You too can cash in on the weight loss market and secure loyal customers that will always come back to you!

The count down now begins to Slimtea’s biggest unveil ever! Don’t be left out!

Call or Whatsapp the following for your orders: 08181433219, 09083340376, 09083337537, 08181433296

 You can also visit www.slimteaglobal.com or visit our Instagram handle @slimteaglobal



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