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An open letter to any struggling bettor who desires to make reasonable money from this day forward”

This is a sponsored post…

People who are not willing to take their betting as seriously as a business need not go further into this letter than this paragraph, because it is not for them. Neither is it for those who are satisfied with losing money to betting websites or who depend only on luck to strike it rich in betting.

This is for people with an open mind who realize that to make more money they need to learn more, access the right information and act quickly on it because this letter reveals a simple method of placing bets that is guaranteed to make anyone, even you, reasonable money – for a life-time.

 Not only that the ideas I’m about to drop on your laps is totally different from what you are currently doing or may have previously read anywhere else – it simply works because it is the ONLY strategic way to win at football betting and keep the money coming in endlessly.

…So for the sake of both you and your families future, read every single word on this page, and I will prove to you in a moment without doubt that this is what you’ve long been hoping for.
Read on………….
 Dear Struggling Bettor,

Carefully Think About what I am going to ask you in the next line…

….Imagine the amount of money you’d make if you knew some Powerful bet strategies that would guarantee you win more money betting than you currently do?

 Think about that for a moment.

Now, that’s entirely possible and in a few minutes you’ll learn exactly how you can easily turn your frustrating betting life into a powerful cash generator and start enjoying massive returns from football betting.

 What I’ll show you is completely different, practical and sensible, quite simple to learn and apply, and will surely make you more money in the next 30 days than you’ve made in the past 365 days betting.

Facts you should know…

When it comes to football betting, there is no such thing as a sure game – it’s just a trap many people fall into.  Buying fixed matches, tips or systems will only make the seller rich and you’ll likely get scammed or lose all your money in the first week.

Above all,…the single biggest reason why the things you’ve been doing to make money is not working is simply because of the way you’ve been approaching your betting.
And If what you’re currently doing now isn’t producing the kind of profits you desire, even in the future, it surely won’t make you that incredible results you’ve wanted so badly simply because it’s not effective enough.

Of course, making easy-extra money attracted you into football betting in the first place.

….and to achieve this dream of making money, the obvious thing to do is to accurately predict what will happen in a match right? And believe me, there’s some truth in that.

But I’ll be completely honest with you………

…there are plenty of lies mixed in that short statement too.

Like everyone else, you’ve been deceived into looking at things the wrong way – looking for ‘who will win’ by all means and you end up losing the bet eventually.

 Don’t get me wrong!

…. Of course, THE GOAL IS TO FIND WINNERS, but you’ve been going about it the wrong way because no matter how good your ‘sure games’ are, you can’t pick winners all the time. So even if you happen to find a winning game today, the approach is not sustainable because you can’t be so lucky to find anot¬¬¬¬¬her winning game tomorrow – you just keep going in circles visiting the bet shop with hope every day and every weekend and at the end of the month or season you have nothing to show for your efforts.

Because you are just a speculator and not an investor – so the best results you can ever get is a small short-term win (if any) that you eventually lose back in the long-run. That’s why up till now, you’ve made no reasonable money from betting.

The simple truth however, is that for many years now, betting companies like Nairabet and Bet9ja have cleverly hidden the REAL SECRETS to making more money away from you.

And it’s no surprise, 98% of people who bet lose all their money eventually.

And guess what all these losers do?
They forget football is unpredictable and try so hard to predict it.

You don’t need a prophet to tell you…

If you do what these losers do, you will get what they get. And when you’re betting you don’t want what others get. THEY ALL LOSE!

It even gets more interesting if you…..
Allow me to let you in on a little secret about betting websites like Bet9ja that may surprise you
Owners of these betting websites know they’d surely run out of business once bettors like yourself solve the riddle behind their methods.

So what did they do?

They devised a means to make you bet with your heart and not with your brains – by tapping into your passion for sports on an emotional level.

That’s why they didn’t tell you about the investment angle to football betting they rather told you to bet for fun, support your teams to win and if you can predict’ who will win’ very well, you’ll make money. LIES!

Telling you to go ahead and predict ‘who wins what’ is just a MARKETING TRICK they use to divert you into a direction which is profitable for only them but not for you.

Newsflash: You’ll even be more baffled to hear that picking winners is not what successful football betting is all about because you won’t make much profit playing that way.

If you doubt me, Ask yourself this…

You have been picking winners for the xyz number of years you’ve been betting, how many of your bets have entered? How much profit do you have to show for your betting all these years?

Except the painful frustration that comes with losing money carelessly.

 You see, online football betting is costing you more money than you are making from it.
You place bets blindly based on gut-feelings and guess work, with the hope that luckily your game will enter one day. So you keep losing because you neither have the required knowledge nor some basic skills SUCCESSFUL bettors who make a nice living out of football betting have.

…….and if you keep falling mugu for this petty marketing tricks you’ll still keep losing every-time, Nairabet and Bet9ja would be using your hard-earned money to enjoy a life of luxury and grow their business while you keep running heavily into debts and struggle daily to support your loved ones who depend on you.

Here Is the costly truth about football betting same betting companies like Nairabet and Bet9ja will do ANYTHING, even kill, to make sure YOU NEVER find out in your ENTIRE life!

They don’t want you to know that…..

Successful betting is not a prediction game of who wins or not – it is about the price of a bet (Selecting the right odds). Simple!

So when they say to you “predict and win” that’s a misleading statement because even they can’t predict anything just like you and me. And they don’t need to because they’re not in the business of speculating/gambling on what will happen.

To be in business, they have to protect themselves by designing their whole system in such a manner that they never ever lose in the long-run. . .and this is ensured by the way they set their odds such that no matter which team wins/not, or if your games entered/not, they still make money from you!

And if you think this is probably not completely true, just bring out your phone now and compare the final results of matches in any league of your choice with the odds betting companies released and you’ll shockingly discover that:

•   The odds do not offer the true picture of what will finally happen. Either they are too high or far lower than they should be – that’s why big odds could win and small odds could lose too – Nothing is sure, everything depends on probabilities.

• Almost everyone who tried to predict the outcome based on the odds released by betting companies all lost – and guess who took all that money? Same betting companies simply because…

They don’t care which team wins or not. If they set their odds by what they think the outcome should be, that’d be gambling and they’d surely run out of business because no one can correctly predict ‘what will happen’ well enough to return a profit in the long-run – Not them, not you, not even Prophet T.B Joshua can.

These shrewd companies rather ensure they make profits based on the price they offer bets for sale to you.
And if you are finally ready to start making massive profit from football betting, then it’s time to consider something COMPLETELY different – focus on the price you pay for a bet (special money making odds).

Except you have so much money that you don’t mind losing some of it to Bet9ja and Nairabet then  STOP WASTING YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY DOING WHAT DOESN’T WORK.

However, if you need to start making more money, here’s how  to make 100% sure you make a reasonable amount of serious money from this day out of your betting.

First, Let me ask you..
How do you make money from your own personal business?
You buy a product at a cheap price, sell at a higher price, then pocket the cool profit right?
…”Now, Imagine what would happen if you have an opportunity to buy N1000 MTN Recharge Cards at a cheap price of N750 for each?” so for every purchase, you save N250.

Well, here is what would happen…

That would be a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY because your N250 profit would keep growing gradually and before you know it you’d be making a whole lot of serious money!

This kind of trading opportunity happens quite a lot in football betting.

And is the powerful strategic investment approach to football betting that betting companies have been hiding away from you for hundreds of years…simply because it is the only guaranteed way to bet, win and grow your money – purely 100% investment driven without any room for speculation.
See eh, odds are just random numbers that doesn’t reflect the real chances of teams. Sometimes as you may have noticed, odds are higher than they should be, other times they are far lower.
And Whenever there is a gap in the odds from what it is supposed to be – this creates a loophole that guarantees making a SAFE PROFIT either for you or the betting companies.

No one, not even betting companies will ever tell you this because of the kind of massive profits they generate by simply exploiting this loophole in the betting system.

It’s so profitable that just a few months ago Nairabet just after practicing this techniques moved into their own beautiful 5 storey made only of glass building with electronic lifts and motioned controlled censors which cost them over 950 Million Naira to build.

The painful part is that every single Naira that made up that 950 million came from you…..they struck it big by simply taking advantage of the ‘profit margin’ created by this loophole in the betting system.

Once you learn exactly how to place bets the smart way like a real buying and selling business, you’ll make lots of money just like you made buying recharge cards cheap.

Making reasonable money from football betting involves predicting the relationship between what the real odds are supposed to be (actual cost of the bet) and the what bet9ja and nairabet releases (Selling price of the bet).
….because these special odds you select take same power the bookmakers use to make money and put them right into your hands….to use it against them to make money for yourself too.

And that is the only strategic way to make bet, win and grow your money from investing in sports.

– even as you read this words a few smart bettors are trading their way to riches using this Sure-fire technique because this scenario happens more often than you can possibly imagine.

Sounds too good to be true?

I thought so too when I first learned about this. But the more I learnt and tried the strategy out, the more convinced I was about the “remarkable” money-making potential it has.

Trading bets for a living didn’t just work for me, it is so effective that it worked for the many others I’ve shared this inside trading method with and so easy to learn that anyone, even you can do this and get exact same results.

And if you’re wondering who I am, my name is Rotimi Alabi, CEO of the most informative betting blog in Nigeria www.wikendbet.com and in the past two years alone, trading bets for a living has pulled in a modest 17 million naira in revenue…..making me and my clients a small fortune in the process.

I’m not telling you this to brag about my personal successes – there are far too many people already blinding their readers with such information. I’m telling you all these because I want you to know that with the right information in your hands, success is inevitable.

And you’ll feel a whole lot better too when you realize that…..This approach simply takes the gamble out of the process and makes you a complete trader buying a good product (bet) only when it is sold at a very cheap price. That way, you don’t depend on luck and still make lots of money in the long-run. It’s that lucrative and is your only genuine hope of winning reasonable money from betting.


There is a catch…

Claiming big winnings from football betting involves predicting what the actual odd for a match should be and comparing that with the odds bet companies finally releases –and you cannot do this by mere guesswork or luck.

Only way you can know for sure is by compiling your own betting odds just like they do.

DON’T WORRY you don’t need a Ph.D in Maths because the thing is as easy as 1+1.

So easy that you can just lie comfortably on your bed and start compiling your own betting odds like a pro because all you might even need is an ordinary Nokia torch phone calculator to add/divide a few values and of course, a pen and paper to jot down your findings.
Isn’t that amazing? Without leaving your home, you get to know the real odds any match is supposed to have, walk into the bet shop like a boss, and look for “pricing errors” to mercilessly take advantage of.

As exciting as that sounds, that’s only…..

… a tiny taste of what you’ll learn in my Mega Betting Course  which reveals “NEVER REVEALED BEFORE” pure-powerful-money-making information in a complete set of easy to follow instructions and “do-this-then-do-that” kind of explanations.

I named this course “How To Become A Long-Term Successful Bettor” because that’s what it’s designed to do. It’s designed to make you a full-blown, certified SUCCESSFUL BETTOR once you’ve read and mastered the simple- techniques.

Learn More About Mega Betting Course Here

“In fact, i spent the last 5 months researching even more, consulting with betting experts in the UK and Germany just to ascertain the authenticity of this methods – satisfied with the quality feedbacks, I’ve took time to pour out every extra findings, my personal experiences and the proven superb techniques into this MEGA BETTING COURSE – without holding back anything…even my robust knowledge of the stock market and how you can effectively apply it to claim bigger winnings from football betting wasn’t left out of this course either.”

To help you decide if this Mega Betting Course is for you/not, here are some of information revealed in it ……..

• Worked exercises to help you develop your skills in compiling odds like a pro ……after which you’ll know exactly how to spot odds that are worth buying – and become a winner just by investing in value bets.

• The simple secret of how bookmakers make HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS yearly and how you can tap into their way of strategic thinking to get incredible results as they do.

• “The money lesson” – you must start applying immediately to grow your money over the months … (it’s so simple that you’ll kick yourself for not having thought of it).

• Ever been shocked by an unbelievable result and wondered if anyone could have predicted that happening? Then this Mega Betting Course is a godsend for you………Inside you’ll find The REAL REASON why ‘sure games’ you sometimes pick to win end up losing………and how to win a lot more money backing the underdog.

• How to mercilessly take advantage of a loophole in the betting system –other smart bettors have been doing this to claim higher payouts.

• “Power of value betting” – An easy step by step guide to guarantee a safe profit in the long-term by placing ONLY bets with value that pays an intrinsic amount of profit each time regardless if that particular bet wins or not.

• The #1 principle that absolutely must be observed when it comes to managing your betting bank….if you don’t read this, you have yourself to blame.

• The 3 M’s of successful trading that unlocks the MAGIC PASSWORD to mad profits.

• The clumsy mistakes 98% of all bettors make after odds compiling and how to quickly learn the ‘inside’ secrets of the most successful 2%.

• “The MIRACLE of compound gambling” – Very easy tactic to turn N200,000 into 60 MILLION Naira in 5 years with just a 10% monthly profit …(just a simple gambling technique that requires a little discipline – well used by a very few smart bettors but ignored by 98% of other losing bettors….!)

• Can you predict a value bet well enough with mere instincts? The answer may shock the heck out of you….watch out for it!

• A quickie “advanced guide” to bookmaking psychology! (INSTANTLY understand exactly what makes bookmakers tick….and learn how to tickle their HOT BUTTONS to the point of panic that they might ban you from betting on their website…….. you’ll appreciate football betting a whole lot more with this knowledge

Are you starting to get the idea there are some things about successful betting you have been missing? If so, don’t feel alone. More than 98% of people who bet are completely “ignorant of these explosive information” but you know what! you are not even finished yet……

Here are but more of the secrets you’ll discover in this Mega Betting Course……

• The #1 secret most casual bettors will NEVER know about the market place called betting exchanges that’ll bring more bucks into your pocket –this might seem a little OUTRAGEOUS but if you want to make more, you have to sell bets to other bettors!

• Three simple methods of odds compiling — #1 is so easy that anyone can try it INSTANTLY and start reaping handsome rewards….while #2 and #3 are highly recommended by betting experts from the UK and Germany.

• How to use the number of goals scored by a team to create match odds for most markets bookmakers offer today like the over/under goals, Full-time result, half time results etc……… this is something invaluable and possessing this skill gives you a fighting chance of making a good profit by finding some value bets for yourself.

• How to use Google to double your profits! – page 42

• Access to my personal betting resources with links to stats and other killer-information you could use to improve your winning chances……..inside the course you’ll find fourteen of these resources —#9 is my favorite!

• Two intelligent staking plans that will help you collect more from your winning bets and lose considerably less from your losing bets………page 45

• A sound money management technique you can apply to win 15 – 20% more than you currently do—- Fast and simple to do – takes nothing less than 2 hours to set-up and you start getting better returns and value for your money GUARANTEED!— page 55

• Sound investment principles that even warren buffet uses to pick stocks that you can use in picking value bets today —- this uncommon wisdom will ‘wow’ you!

• The secret to EFFECTIVELY using record sheets to command even more profitable betting in the coming years —this is something you must include in your game plan once you get this course.

• The #1 mental block that keeps most bettors from ever achieving remarkable success – and could forever doom you from achieving more from your betting (this probably affects at least 98% of bettors out there and realizing it could allow you to hit bigger returns!)

• If you think you haven’t been helping grow the business of bookmakers, think again. Revealed for the first time: the untold secret why a bookmaker like William hill made £1.6 billion profit last year and how Nairabet might even be making more currently. (Knowing this could be a HUGE game changer for you!).

And a whole lots more…..Far more than i can even begin to list here!! all yours to read from cover to cover at my own risk……

 Go Here To Order For The Betting Course Now

Can this smart approach really make the difference?

Absolutely! It has been working for others and it will definitely work for you too.

But then Listen, I’m not going to tell you that you’ll make hundreds of thousands of Naira every day. If anyone tells you that, please take off your shoes and run very fast. I’m not going to say you’ll double your money every few weeks or buy a house in Lekki a few days from now.

If this is not what you want to hear, or you can’t put in just 30 minutes in a whole week to study and apply this techniques or if you’re disappointed you probably won’t get stinking rich quickly –then I’m sorry this Mega betting Course isn’t for you.

This is a real and genuine opportunity and is not another silly get rich quick scheme for people who can’t put in a little time and effort to learn and apply simple ideas that could change their life forever. 

Yes with a little patience and discipline, you can make an amazing income from value betting, get to enjoy the fabulous lifestyle you’ve so wanted and finally put money worries away for good just by doing this.

You’ve To Make More Money Now…

 Cost of living – food, school fees, rent, clothing, – have doubled or more than doubled in cost. Your salary may not be enough. You need to increase your earnings enough to keep up with the recession and cost of living. Stop speculating or gambling with the little money you have, and start growing your money gradually using this strategic investment method.

Believe me when I say if this mega betting course doesn’t change your betting life for the better and help you unlock the ultimate secrets to non-stop profits then no other course will. And that’s the plain and simple truth.

I am so convinced the Mega Betting Course is an absolutely amazing opportunity you can’t miss out on that I’m willing to make you a crazy offer. If you get the course, read it and try it out at my own risk –  if you feel it was a waste of time just call me up (click the link below to get the number) and ask for a refund. You’d get a 100 percent money back plus an apology from me for wasting your valuable time.  That’s how absolutely sure I am that you will find incredible value in the course so am taking all the risk for you.

The Complete Mega Betting Course Is Available Here

Why am doing all this for you?

…Why am I not keeping this useful information JUST to myself. I mean, since it is the only strategic way to make money from football betting why am I teaching everyone about it for the small fee this Course sells for? I know that’s what you are thinking.

Well, here is the honest answer – maybe I like to teach people valuable stuff. Maybe I don’t really know how to explain to you the kind of compassion I feel when driving through the streets of Port-Harcourt and seeing young men just like me in bet shops struggling and fighting to place bets that they eventually lose.

Most of these guys bet blindly and keep losing money out of lack of gambling knowledge. I want to change that. I want to help you level the playing field with betting companies by teaching you how to fish for yourself and “eat for a life-time”…And trust me, this isn’t “wash” and that’s why
It wouldn’t just end when you get a copy of the Mega Betting Course

I will hand-over for FREE, TWO EXCEL SOFTWARE SPREADSHEET (Worth N10,000) I personally use to spot value bets. So you don’t stress yourself compiling betting odds by hand, let the spreadsheet do the work and automatically tell you which bets to select while you reap the profits.

By the time you finish reading this Mega Betting course you should be able to start trading your way to riches using one of the best-kept secrets of strategic bettors.

This is because, what you’re about to read is not just a course, but a “complete education” that carries you along through one incredibly easy step after another until before you know it you are using some of the powerful best-kept secrets on football betting to rake in massive profit for yourself  for a life-time.

All you need to do now is give yourself a chance to succeed and change your past betting life by taking this first important step.

TO ORDER FOR THE COURSE NOW, click this link: http//How to order for the Course
…and if you are amongst the first 50 persons to order in the next few hours, I will also hand over to you TWO FREE SOFTWARE SPREADSHEET worth N10,000 for absolutely FREE. This betting tool will automatically spot good bets, save you time and make you more money in the long-run.

Now let us wrap this up….
How To Order For The Mega Betting Course:
Step #1: Click this colored link here Show Me How To Trade Bets For A Living
Step #2: The link will take you to a page. Put your name and BEST email address in the little box on that page.
Step #3: Details on how to order for the course plus the numbers to call will be sent to you.

Listen, before you wait and don’t get this today, I have to be sincere here……..I’m not certain how much of these information I really want to allow out to the general public. By the time you decide it may already be too late.

You can’t afford not to have this Mega Betting course – you’ll be sorry if you don’t because no one else can teach you how to do this..
Your friend,
Rotimi Alabi

PS #1: I will have to repeat: I like working with small groups of people at a time. That way i can really build a one on one relationship and get the best out of you. That’s why I’d need take the first 50 persons that I can really relate with on a personal level to guide step by step on the details of what I really do. I’ll give them access to the exact same spreadsheets I use that will predict good bets for you and help you grow your money the lazy smart way.

PS #2: I am so sure you will really love this course that I’m willing to take a very big risk….if after reading the course and you feel that what you’ve learnt from the e-book will not make you money just call and every kobo you paid for the course will be sent back to you – in full.

PS #3: if you feel this course will not help you win far more than you currently do presently, I understand your reservations; just visit www.wikendbet.com read up some articles, get some education  and then make a decision.

Cheers to your football betting success in 2017!



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