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Earn 40% of your provide wealth in 30 days – wealthexchange.org

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Wealth Exchange has just launched one the most organized Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding / Donation Exchange / Social Financial Platform, This system is designed to stand the test of time with innovative features which will be discussed here.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and become a pioneer member of the platform by simple clicking here – https://wealthexchange.org/register.php

So many of us are yet to understand the ideology behind Crowd Funding Programs of which MMM is a pioneer, while others are busy setting themselves up through Crowd Funding communities like Wealth Exchange Across the Globe, Crowd Funding has become a major means of raising money among individuals and a lot of successful Companies/Businesses have been set up via Crowd Funding.

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What Is Wealth Exchange All About?
It is simply an online Family where people are helping each other Financially Directly with No Third Parties Involved, whatever wealth you give to someone financially grows by 40% if in Local currency or 100% if in Bitcoin in 30 days(Provide wealth in Bitcoin is coming soon!!!). In Wealth Exchange you are not required to pay any money for registration i.e. Registration is FREE, there is NO CENTRAL ACCOUNT where people are required to pay money to. All you have to do is to make a Pledge of an amount you wish to provide as Wealth in the Community, you remain with your money and wait patiently till you are paired with another Participant who needs the wealth you are offering, then you give the wealth directly to that Participant with no third party involved. The same way on the 30th day when you request for wealth from the community, you will be paired with another participant in the community who pays directly to you. Example. You give wealth of 1,000 to a Participant, on the 30th day you receive wealth of 1,400 if wealth was given in your local currency or 2000 if wealth was given in Bitcoin.

Join Us Now!!!  https://wealthexchange.org/register.php
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Will Wealth Exchange Last? YES, Wealth Exchange WILL LAST FOREVER, before I proceed to telling you why it will last forever, I will like to take you back to what a community like this is all about. A Mutual Aid/Crowd Funding Community is NOT (1.) A Business (2.) A Loan (3.) A Networking Business (Where you must invite someone to join before you make money), All three (3) mentioned above are not what we are talking about here. Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding Community is a Community that depends on its Participants to last forever. To last forever, all participants have to be active knowing fully well that they will make 40% or 100% every 30days.
Join Us Now!!!  https://wealthexchange.org/register.php
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Wealth Exchange will stand test of time for the following reasons;

1. Limited Guider/Manager& Limited downline earnings: In this system/community we very much understand the importance of guiders/managers in the area of rapid community growth, social responsibilities and people management, therefore we have made a very limited space for guiders who will be at the fore front of promoting the community. We also understand the impact of the huge amount of wealth that is involved to sustain the Get Wealth requests of these guiders as a result of their long chain of dowliners, which is why we have also drastically reduced the chain of earnings to only the 3rd generation and also their potential percentage earnings to 3%, 2% & 1% respectively.

2. Re-Commitment: All Modern Mutual Aid Platforms have adopted this Re-commitment Pattern, this makes it Last forever. This is a Community of active people, any account with no active Pledge / Request to Provide Wealth is blocked on the 3rd day of being idle. Communities like this last forever as long as everyone keeps participating. If you are no longer participating, your account will be blocked on the 3rd day of being idle. This is to stop people from being idle and busy cashing out their referrals or guider bonuses. We believe its better you leave the community and loose uncashed referral bonuses than to remain idle in the community and busy cashing out money when you are not participating anymore.

All users have Profile Pictures so you will see picture of who you are donating to, this creates a pure social atmosphere and gives you rest of mind that you are actually helping a fellow Human being.

4. No Cheating/Trying to be smart: There is no Room for anyone to throw in Huge cash, the Maximum Wealth to give is 2million, everyone is supposed to participate with spare money Huge Millions are not Spare money, some cheats tend to throw in huge cash in Hundreds of millions at once and when they cash out they don’t participate anymore not knowing they have destabilized the Community (They See it as a Business Opportunity to make millions in 30days). Wealth Exchange has blocked that by setting a limit for amount of wealth to provide. A lot of Mutual Aid platforms closed as a result of this but it has been controlled on Wealth Exchange by setting the Provide wealth limit to 2million for local currency.

5. No Issue of Fake POP: We have successfully figured out the reason why people upload fake proof of payment and have dealt with it 100% on this platform. In most crowd funding sites, participants tend to play smart by recycling same money on the system in order to earn larger percentages in short period of time and by so doing, when they are eventually matched by the system to provide wealth and their previous Get Wealth orders has not been fully paid, they now tend towards uploading fake POP in order to buy more time. In this system we will continually adjust the number of times you can PW and GW within the period of 30 days also giving some time intervals in days for unforeseen delays in receiving wealth. This adjustments will eventually ensure that participants receives their previous Get Wealth orders before they can receive any more Provide Wealth orders.

6. Security: The Website is SSL Protected (https), it is also hacker proof. Once your Bank Account Details/ Bitcoin details are entered once, they stay there permanently cannot be changed by anyone including you. To change you need to contact support. So if anyone stills your password to wait in the maturity of your money he will grow old waiting because he cannot change the receiving account
Join Us Now!!!https://wealthexchange.org/register.php
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