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European Education Fair

In pursuit of quality education, scholars have travelled across international borders and continents.
With many citadels of learning springing up in several parts of the world, especially in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, Nigerian students seek sound academic pursuit across these countries of the world.
And the intervention of foreign schools placement agencies, made possible with the collaboration of Nigerian affiliate partners makes academic pursuits in foreign lands a reality. This is exactly the task GEC Academy International is saddled to do, so as to ensure that qualified Nigerian students get admitted into highly respected and reputable institutions of learning abroad. By so doing, GEC Academy International ensures that these students attain best possible training in their chosen careers at high ranking schools with state of the art facilities.

Why European Fair? The reason is very clear. Stating that over the years, most Nigerian students travelled to popular two (2) continents as a result of status symbol, is like stating the obvious. Factors such as: chances of gaining legitimate employment upon graduation, wholesome acceptability of foreign students by countries’ citizens, culture balance among others are a must consideration. Saliently, with the high cost of today’s forex, then think of quality education at an affordable price in Hungary. Again, Bursaries and scholarships are richly available.
And GEC Academy International? 
This is because GEC delivers its mandates to students as well as the institutions it represent. Again, International education market is increasing in scope, size and also gaining immense momentum. Undoubtedly, Nigeria is an ultra-rich hunting ground for foreign universities and even colleges. While some parents see sending their wards abroad to acquire education as a status symbol, others are doing so owing to the increasing lack of access in Nigerian tertiary institutions. GEC Academy International is bridging this gap so as to consistently ensure that parents/ guardians get value for the money they spend in the course of their children or ward studying in Hungary.

In retrospect, GEC Academy International partnered with these Hungarian Universities, in placement of Nigerian students in the field of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, Physiotherapy, Engineering (all fields), Mechatronics, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Science, Business Administration and Management, Accounting and Finance, Communication and Media Science among others.



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