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How to get your child pass common entrance and get admitted to the school of your choice

Getting your child into the right secondary school is a future determining decision and solely depends on how well the child can excel at the entrance examination. Many parents and children are stuck on regrets as their child could not meet up with the set cut off mark of the dream school leaving the child with two options either to wait another year or end up in a mediocre school.

But then getting the right cut off is not a day or overnight job but can be simplified by just taking the right steps. See how parents land their children in their desired school…continue reading

Getting Tomisin into the British International School was totally amazingand stress-free. I was almost discouraged and ready to settle for less because I was told of our difficult it is to gain admission into top schools, I was told about their standards and high cut-off marks.  The pressure became more as Tomi was so keen on attending the school because all his friends in the estate wanted to attend the same school and you know how children are when they are keen on a decision. It was a yes or yes situation and so I had to do all it takes just to make him happy. To make matters worse I did not feel he was prepared for such an exam. I found out about this agency that recruits tutors for all kinds of entrance examination. They provided me with the best academic solution and also gave me amazing success nuggetsand from my success story with Tomisin I will love to share some helpful tips that helped me and I am sure your success story too is near.Thank me later

• Keep calm, although there are just few weeks left to the Common Entrance exams. With enough exam preparation, time management and some additional support and tutoringthe Common Entrance will appear easy.

• –Get Advice From Experts – Seek advice from an educational consultant who  Seek advice from an educational consultantwho have guided several students to success

• Get necessary tools like past questions for various years. This will enable your child get familiar to the trends and patterns of the exam

• Early and constant preparation – working through past papers and devising revision sessions are a must. Leading up to the exams I would advise an hour a day on Common Entrance exam questions with a professional  who can guide your child.

• Extra educational support, even a short period of time will work wonders. Children need to feel comfortable with the exams, what the questions are like and how to answer them. Don’t forget there are plenty interpretations in the English Common Entrance exam and so much trick adoptable in solving Mathematics. Children have to identify how the writer in communicating, only a specialist tutor can really help children answer these complex questions.

To cut the long story, Tomisin exceled in his entrance exam scoring way higher than the cut off mark, got a number of scholarships, and he has maintained excellence even in his current class now. All thesehappened by not relying solely on my abilities andtherefore putting his education at stake. I made the right decision early enough and it paid off. Using the services of a Prepclass tutor was simply my saving grace.

Why not give them a call now on 01-2913970 or 08059811502 or simply click here to request for a professional tutor. They have a huge database of experienced tutors specially trained for entrance examinations. Their customer service team would immediately assign a relationship manager that would visit you to fully understand your tutoring needs.

You can also visit our headquarters on the 3rd floor, 315 Herbert Macaulay Way Yaba Lagos or our Abuja office at Ventures Platform, No 29, Mambillia Street, Aso Drive after SSS Headquarters Abuja



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