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Introducing King Ajibade with Excuse me Lady (Video) + Passport EP

King Ajibade was crowned with a name that translates to “one that wakes into royalty” and it is this fusion producers sole intention to uphold his royal Yoruba heritage by bridging Caribbean, African, Latin and Pop with his majestic gift for music. 

As a solo artist, King Ajibade began his journey in 2011 with the single “Waiting for You” and launched his imprint 26th Element Records to handle the release. 

The single was followed by the Bad Boy In Disguise EP in 2014 which set the foundation for his newest EP. Passport (due out XXX) is a deliberate move into international world pop, providing a taste of the sound King Ajibade hopes to cultivate for his broad audience. 

Off the Passport EP he decide to dishes out the visual to ​​ Excuse me Lady off the Ep “This music is meant to travel the world” asserts Ajibade when reflecting on the EP’s title​ Passport​ . “Life can be so stressful…I want to help people​ to enjoy it.” 

C​op PASSPORT Ep below…

Excuse me Lady Below​
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