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It Can’t Be Killed Off At The Box Office Weeks After Its Opening

A little competition can be a good thing, and it seems that It — which is closing its fourth week in theaters — is still giving new releases and star-studded sequels a run for their money.

As the indisputable champion of the September box office (having clinched the record for best-ever September opening for a film back when it was released), It earned juuuust a smidge more than both Kingsman: The Golden Circle and new release American Made, if projections hold. Currently, It is looking at a $17.3 million weekend, while the other two films are set to bring in $17 million each, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It temporarily relinquished its top spot at the box office to Kingsman: The Golden Circle last week, but the expected drop-off for the follow-up to Kingsman: The Secret Service and the projected opening numbers for the Tom Cruise-starring American Made couldn’t outperform Pennywise and his murderous tricks.

But, hey: Cruise and the Kingsman gang shouldn’t feel too bad. It’s October now, after all, which means that Halloween is nigh — and everyone’s definitely in the mood for something spooky, so It‘s success is to be expected. Still haven’t seen it? You’re apparently not alone — either that, or those who have watched the Losers Club battle the sewer demon can’t get enough of Stephen King’s scary story.



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