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Marshall Princess Obichi @marshallprinces

Marshall Princess Obichi
is a graduate of sociology from the prestigious covenant university. she is a singer and also a makeup artist. she believe in the place called forward and understand that when God is placed first every other thing follows. she started singing from the age of 8 and she was very active in the children’s and teens choir in the Redeemed Christian Church of God ,Solid Rock Parish. All she ever want to do is use her gift to be a blessing to people, basically ministering to them and giving glory to God also. Makeup is an amazing art and a means of enhancing the features of women but music is my ministry and my service to mankind through the help of the holy spirit. Through this gift she had been privileged to meet with amazing artists and great people which is a confirmation of the word that says “a man diligent in his gift shall stand before kings and not mere men”. “Amazing God” which is my first song started out as my own little project through the help of God, to bless a people basically family and friends lol..but God took the wheel and its taking a different angle. God indeed is taking his own song to places she naturally can’t. It was written from my heart and with the understanding that we all saved are a product of grace not by works that any man should boast and that we are who we are, by the mercy of God. The word says let your light so shine, that men will see and glorify your father in heaven. This and many more are the little works of my hands that God will use to meet his people and receive all the glory. For greater works than these shall manifest. We truly serve an Amazing God.IMG-20150603-WA004 IMG-20150603-WA003 IMG-20150603-WA002 IMG-20150603-WA001 IMG-20150603-WA005 IMG-20150603-WA006 IMG-20150603-WA007