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Maxtopia gives you 100% in just 7 days using your spare money!

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Maxtopia is a donation exchange and social networking platform for all Nigerians. It works on the concept of crowd funding. Members exchange donations and receive gratitude in return to fulfill one another’s dreams.

For instance, if you want to pay for your educational program, expand your business, increase your earnings or any other thing you ever dreamt of in life but you cannot accomplish it alone, there are thousands of kind-hearted Nigerians around to connect and share with in the community.

We are not just a financial community, but a big happy family that work together for the fulfillment of all members’ dreams. When you Make a Donation(MD), you are giving another member the opportunity to fulfil his/her dreams. The donation you make also gives you the opportunity to request for donation (RD) with additional 100% of your initial donation.

This is not a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) scheme. It is simply a community of caring people using their “spare money” to make donation to one another.

How to Start Benefitting from the Community:
•    Make one or more MD requests indicating the amount you want to donate.
•    Wait patiently till you are matched with a participant that needs your donation.
•    When you are matched with a participant, make your donation promptly and upload your proof of payment.
•    Contact your donation recipient to confirm your payment on their dashboard as soon as they receive your payment.
•    Wait for a locking period of seven (7) days to allow your money yield its100% returns at approximately 14.29% daily.
•    Request for a donation of your money and the 100% increase on it after the seventh day.
•    Share the testimony, utilize your donations prudently and re-donate to grow the Maxtopia community.
Join this community now using this link:https://personaloffice.maxtopia.org/Account/Register

•    There are neither guiders nor community leaders. Everyone is equal in thesystem.
•    We do not ask you to give more than your spare-money.
•    There are three Donation Plans on Maxtopia: N10,000; N20,000; andN40,000. These plans are carefully put in place to enable fair participation and sustainability of the platform.
•    There is a5% referral bonus for everyone who introduces and registers a new person into the community, i.e. For every donation your referral makes, you earn 5% (five percent) of the amount donated. Simply ensure your referral uses your registered email under the ref id. column
•    We totally frown against fake proof of payment as there is a fake proof of payment button that deals with this act.

Open your doors to financial freedom. Join the Maxtopia family today and watch your dreams come alive! Visit www.maxtopia.org for more information and registration.



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