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Meet the face behind Jameson Connects

Meet Teni Zaccheaus JR, Jameson Brand Ambassador for Nigeria. He gives us an inside scoop on Jameson Connects Nigeria and a little more about what he does and how he does it…

1.    How did this journey start for you?Sometime in June 2016, some one told me about the Job, I was like oh that sounds cool! I saw the opportunity to work for a prestigious international brand like Jameson and I jumped at it. I applied for the Job and here I am.

2.    What does your role as a brand ambassador entail? Networking brand education, and consumer insight.We partner up with other events or brands that are doing cool stuff, we educate consumers; bar tenders, bar owners, you name it. I talk to them about Jameson through workshops, tasting, I also do a lot market research to understand what the consumer wants, which is consumer insight.

3.    What do you like the most about working with the Jameson brand? It’s witty, cool, premium and unpretentious… kind of like myself! Haha. As a brand it really lets you explore an untapped creative space in the Nigerian market like no other brand does. 

4.    What is Jameson Connects?
Jameson Connects events are all about vibing and connecting with LADS in unusual places and providing premium, unpretentious experiences. It’s an awesome day out to chill, bond and connect with your friends and make new ones in a super cool chilled environment.

5.    What’s different about Jameson Connects this year? Jameson has gone all out in creating an alternative experience. There is going to be a sneaker wall installation by TundeOwolabi of Ethnik. You’ve got to check it out, he is such an amazing talent! A sneaker shine section for all you sneaker heads. A pop-up barbershop where LADS can get complimentary trims and cuts over a chat. Gourmet junk food from a bunch of premium vendors, interactive bond and connect space for games like foosball, Ayo games, table tennis and a craft zone where 200 lucky LADS will pick up a complimentary leather bracelet. There really is something for everyone.

LADS will be treated to limited number of complimentary drinks including our signature Jameson Palm Wine Twist Cocktail.

6.    How do you go about choosing artists for Jameson Connects Nigeria? We start by picking artists that align with the brands ethos. Usually alternative, eclectic and good live performers who can vibe and connect with any audience. We go for the live, cool performance and that’s why this year we partnered with the Afropolitan Vibes to curate the music stage. For this event we will have live performances from Jesse Jagz, Falana and Ajebutter.

7.    It sounds like your work and private life are pretty intertwined, how do you separate the two? To a certain extent I agree, it has given me avenue to collaborate with cool brands like The Native, Fiesta of flavors, Eat Drink Lagos and Afropolitan vibes who is curating the music stage for this edition of Jameson Connects Nigeria. It’s hard to separate but in my free time I try and do things low-key like going to the beach or recording in the studio.

8.    Is Nigeria the only country where Jameson Connects happens? No, it happens in several countries in the Sub Saharan where Jameson is represented. Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Angola.

9.    If you had to describe Jameson Irish Whiskey, what will it be? I’ll say Triple distilled, Twice as smooth which is why it has such a great taste.

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