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Molly Sims Reveals How Her Daughter’s Tendencies to Get Naked All the Time Are ‘Payback’ for Her Own Childhood

The emperor has no clothes  oh wait, that’s Molly Sims‘ 2-year-old daughter!

The actress and model tells PEOPLE that she has “that’s my kid” moments because her daughter Scarlett May can’t seem to keep her clothes on  —  and when she was Scarlett’s age, Sims couldn’t either.

“It’s so funny because my mom used to say this about me, that I could never keep my clothes on,” Sims, 44, says in a Celeb Parents Get Real segment. “[Scarlett] is constantly naked.”

“She answered the door … butt naked,” she adds. “And I think it’s payback.”

The mother of three  Sims also has two sons: Brooks Alan, 5, and Grey Douglas, 8 months — goes on to say that “there were many times over many pregnancies that I almost lost it.”

“I think this pregnancy with Grey was the hardest. I was so sick,” Simms continues, describing a memorable trip into New York City on the Long Island Expressway. “I was like, ‘You’ve got to pull over’ and I was vomiting on the side of the road because I was so sick. I was so nauseous.”

Asked whether there was one parenting moment she would redo, Sims answers she wouldn’t have put so much pressure on her oldest son Brooks to be potty trained so early.

“I did jellybeans, I did sticker charts, I did toys — I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but yes, I bribed,” Sims says. “Someone said to me, ‘When they’re ready, they’re ready.’ The day he was ready, he didn’t need a Batman toy.”

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Sims also brings up her involvement with Life Health Summit, an online service that’s “basically like a doctor in your pocket” for the many women who experience postpartum depression.

“So many women go through pregnancy … they’re taken care of and their baby’s taken care of and [then] you have the baby and you realize that, ‘Wait a second, no one’s taking care of me,’ ” Sims says, adding that it’s “a community of support that I think we all need.”



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