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New fibroid solution without surgery found. No more worries

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There is now a natural solution to get rid of uterine fibroid without surgery…. Revealed at last! A scientifically proven natural solution found to provide permanent solution for Fibroids. Ensure you read this article to the end even if you don’t have Fibroid, this can serve as a preventive measure and prevent you from growing one.

Fibroids are the most frequently seen tumors of the female reproductive system. Fibroids, also known as uterine myomasleiomyomas, or fibromas, are firm, compact tumors that are made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue that develop in the uterus. It is estimated that between 20 to 50 percent of women of reproductive age have fibroids. Some estimates state that up to 30 to 77 percent of women will develop Fibroids sometime during their childbearing years.

What causes fibroid?

The causes of Fibroids can be traced to the type of lifestyle that we now live. The lifestyle we now live cannot be compared with the natural lifestyles of the people of old. There are so many things that are bringing in a lot of estrogen (hormone influencing the growth of Fibroids) into the body systems now, like plastics, pesticides and even the foods and the processes under which we breed animals for consumption. Most of these things, including fishes, are bred artificially. So they store those hormones that we are imbibing and that is what is causing Fibroid problems.

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Who is at risk of fibroid?

Women who are approaching menopause are at the greatest risk of fibroids because of their long exposure to high levels of estrogen. According to a statistic report, 1 1n 4 women in Nigeria have Fibroids between the age of 30-50 years.

Symptoms and Complications associated with fibroids
• Anemia (as a result of heavy periods)
• Backache
• Constipation
• Discomfort in the lower abdomen (especially if fibroids are large)
• Frequent urination
• Heavy painful periods
• Pain in the legs
• Painful sex
• Swelling in the lower abdomen (especially if fibroids are large)

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Complications associated with fibroids

• Menorrhagia (heavy periods/increased bleeding)  Fibroids may cause the menstrual bleeding to be heavier, or increase in the duration of bleeding or may cause bleeding in between periods. Some women may have a combination of bleeding symptoms. The presence and degree of uterine bleeding is determined mainly by the location of the fibroid. Women with Fibroids that protrude into the uterus are more likely to have significant increase in bleeding.

• Infertility and Repeated Miscarriages – Fibroids can cause infertility in a number of different ways. A Fibroid can cause compression on the fallopian tubes resulting in a blockage of the passage of sperm or eggs. Fibroid can also distort the pelvic anatomy sufficiently to make it difficult for the fallopian tube to capture an egg at the time of ovulation. If a fibroid extends into the uterine cavity or causes distortion of the uterine cavity, it may present a mechanical barrier to implantation. Studies suggests that Fibroids in the muscle portion of the uterus can cause an alteration or reduction of blood flow to the uterine lining making it more difficult for an implanted embryo to grow and develop.

Studies also suggests that even small Fibroids that grow inside of the uterine cavity may act as a foreign body and result in an inflammatory reaction that makes the uterine environment hostile for an embryo to implant, making it difficult for the woman to get pregnant.

In summary, Fibroids can affect fertility in many ways. They can affect whether sperm and egg meet, they can affect whether an embryo can implant, they can affect whether a pregnancy can continue, and they can affect the growth and positioning of the baby.

• Pregnancy complications – Studies have suggested an increased risk of certain problems during pregnancy in women with Fibroids, including difficulties with labor, breech presetnation of the fetus, premature rupture of the “bag of waters”, and abruptionof the placenta (a condition in which the placenta separates from the uterine wall during the pregnancy).

• Abdominal pains–Fibroids can cause swelling and discomfort in the lower abdomen. A Fibroid patient may also have a sensation of being constipated. Fibroids can also cause pain in bowel movements.

Have you been diagnosed with Fibroids and looking for a natural, safe and easy way to permanently remove it and prevent its recurrent growth without surgical operation?Our 100%  Natural Fibroid Remover Pack will help you eliminate all types of Fibroids and its complications in the shortest possible time.

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Mrs Tope was not pregnant but afflicted with multiple fibroids so large that they caused her stomach to bulge out like that of a pregnant woman. Medically, an operation that would end in the removal of her womb was the only option. But in the midst of her pain and confusion, tope made a remarkable discovery…

“It’s my greatest joy to share my testimony of being healed by the Almighty http://goo.gl/4rpztO. When l was diagnosed with fibroids, l was given only one option – surgery, which would require the removal of my womb. It was a very painful and embarrassing situation. The fibroids caused my tummy to grow big and people used to think l was pregnant. People would ask how the baby was. In the midst of my confusion, l started using your method
“The surprise is that whilst believing God for my healing, l was not only healed but also became pregnant! I am now expecting a baby boy by September 2017. As I am writing this testimony, the baby is excited and kicking within me. I have three girls and now l am awaiting the arrival of baby Nathaniel. To confirm the miracle, I went to the hospital and did a scan. The result was wonderful – no fibroids! Thank You,

Tope Adeniyi

You helped me just over a year a nine months ago with my trying to conceive. It was hard to do because I had Fibroids the size of a very large grapefruit in my womb. Well guess what? My daughter, Nikitta just turned one last week. My difficulty was not only getting pregnant, but keeping the pregnancy. Our daughter is very healthy, happy, and bright. My husband and I are trying to conceive again. I was 42 when I conceived Nikitta, and now I am 43 going on 44.

I am very satisfied with the quick results I have achieved after our consultation for the last 5 months according to your instructions for treating uterine fibroids. I was feeling much improvement after one month, and could not feel my fibroids at all after 2 months .I am not experiencing any symptoms at all at the present. thank you so much for your research and clear instructions on what lifestyle changes, supplementation, and product

I must admit that I was very skeptical before using  yet you help more people in one month than they do in a year. I’ll never forget what you told me. You said “with little to maximum results. I spent less than a hundred consulting with you and I’m 100% healed.Oh there is one more major improvement I forgot to mention. My non-existant sex drive returned within just a few weeks of starting the herbs.This was a pleasant surprise.

Chioma Ogechi

Looking back over my life, my menstrual cycles were often an area of concern. In my teen years, they stopped for 6 months on two different occasions, and I was always irregular. I am now 47. Ever since a loosing my baby at age 21, I’ve had reoccurring bouts with dysfunctional uterine bleeding due to fibroid tumors. On two occasions, I was close to needing a blood transfusion, so needless to say, fear would grip me at the first sign of heavy bleeding. Over the past 26 years, I’ve had so many, blood tests, sonograms, and ultra sounds. I even came close to having a hysterectomy. Birth control pills were the usual remedy, and sometimes Provera. I would eventually discontinue the pill and would be fine for several years. In more recent years, however, it was harder to get off of the pill, although I really wanted to. The next thing I know the doctor told me that I had multiple fibroids with the largest size being 14cm.

It took two to three months to be totally rid of the heavy-bleeding. My periods have become regular, as well. Although symptoms of breast tenderness and bloating worsened during those first few months, I am happy to say that is not a problem anymore. Best of all, I am loosing weight from my abdomen area. Before seeing using this way…http://goo.gl/4rpztO I looked 3 – 4 months pregnant. Now I am getting my flat tummy back slowly but surely.

It still amazes me that the solution was so simple. I recommend your site to practically every woman I meet. I am continuing to spread the word about you.
with best regards,

Miriam Abubakar



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