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Online marketplace, business listing/directory, online stores and shops- Get them all on iSearchbiz.com

Before the inception of internet-based platforms, it was necessary to go to the stores or the marketplace just to get things one needed, which was usually inconvenient and time-consuming.

However, technology has gradually evolved so much that it has drastically improved on the way we used to do business. 

This evolution has helped owners and service providers connect with their potential buyers and clients via the internet, even from remote locations. However, with the advent of this technological advance, a lot of people have taken advantage of the anonymity of the internet to dupe others with fake products, poor standard of services and even collecting money on false pretexts.

From the above, it is obvious that people need to transact business on a platform that provides clients with verified and top standard stores, products and services. On iSearchbiz.com, you will find only businesses and services that have been screened and verified to ensure that no client is getting a bad deal. Launched in 2013, this  online directory can boast of being able to provide a list of only legitimate businesses and services to its users, as well as being able to provide competitive prices and deals on everyday products and services.

To be sure that the platform gets the maximum exposure needed to boost sales of the businesses; iSearchbiz.com also has a business magazine that is released every three months. In this publication, people can get educated on different aspects of the business world, as well as digital trends; there is also a comedy section where people can ease their stress by getting a good laugh, as well as business quotes from successful businessmen and women.

Business owners and potential users out there, this is your chance to do business on a platform that allows you the freedom to transact stress-free and legitimate interactions. Let iSearchbiz be your secret weapon in driving more traffic to your business or you visit iSearchbiz.com  to find legitimate businesses and services.


As an online  business directory, iSearchbiz.com does the following:
1. Provides businesses with visible online presence and addresses through which their customers or suppliers can easily reach them.
2. iSearchbiz.com is a marketplace that gives business owners the opportunity to own and manage their businesses on the internet.
3. Our online store is a social business network site where buyers meet sellers to do business in a social manner.
4.We provide a platform for business listing which makes it easy for shoppers to locate their needs.


• We maintain a popular and busy online directory that is linked to our users’ web pages.
• We embark on a marketing strategy, enhanced by a strong marketing team that sell and popularise iSearchbiz.com to existing and potential users.
• We support this marketing effort with a publication of a quarterly business magazine distributed free to existing and potential users throughout Nigeria.
• All business registered on our site is to be verified by us, so potential customers are assured that they are dealing with genuine businesses.
• We offer start-ups and individuals opportunity to have a busy online business presence as if they have popular websites of their own just for 3,000 Naira, a fee we charge for reaching each registered business for verification, renewable every year.

Visit, Shop or sign up on www.isearchbiz.com



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