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Register and make money on the best peer to peer scheme in Nigeria – www.rainforum.com.ng

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Since the beginning of 2016, there have been countless Pyramid Schemes that have taken over the digital eco-systems! Why? This is simply because of the individual power and enhancement offered by the Peer-to-Peer system.

Unfortunately, almost all these schemes are not sincere. We have heard of cases of some lasting only a few hours as pioneers match the accounts of innocent participants to their accounts and some even use the time duration given to buy time to keep matching accounts to themselves. However we (RainForum) asked ourselves the following question:

  •  Is it not possible to have a fair, sincere and safe platform?
  • Can’t we have a platform whereby all your complaints are attended to speedily and professionally?
  • Can’t we have a platform that can sustain itself for as long as possible?
  •   Can’t we have a platform where the participants will be real owners of the Scheme?
Our findings says it all, “Yes It’s Possible”.A combination of security, fairness, sincerity, dynamism and more is what RainForum stands for. Our Support Team is always on stand-by to help you resolve quer(ies)/challenges/enquir(ies).

  • It’s a Central System and we are all participants
  • We promote the platform ourselves, not just relying on participants.
  • We have a 24/7 speedy and professional Support Team
  •  99.9% downtime on the platform
  • We encourage auto recycling though not forced.   
  •  24 hours payment window (This should put your mind at rest as you still have your money with you)
To experience all said and more, visit us today:
Facebook:   @RainForum
Twitter:       @RainForum



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