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The case against charity as we know it

It is not unusual to see individuals or cooperate representatives grinning from ear to ear as they embark on charitable projects. On the surface, it’s a noble gesture and many philanthropists have the best intentions but is charity all it’s cracked up to be? Giving to the less privileged might bestow one with a self-righteous warm glow and a shiny halo but there’s more to charity. Consider this.
If resources are employed to benefit as much people as possible, will many less privileged Nigerians depend on the patronising beneficence of their compatriots for daily bread? It is not charity to plunder the public purse then in a bid to assuage the pangs of conscience, scatter a few shiny coins to the hungry crowd who know no better.

Charity is a principle, it entails foregoing avaricious personal enrichment in favor of public betterment. When you choose to construct roads rather than own private jets, to build affordable housing rather than purchase luxury overseas mansions, you are being charitable and that is the philanthropy that truly counts.

Charity is a process, much like farming, it involves tilling the land, sowing it and tending the plants as opposed to randomly scattering handfuls of seeds.



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