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Valentine promo for LIBers send money for free via Facebook

Hey LIBers! Nothing says love better than a bank alert. Do interbank transfers for free today with Kudi for the first 100 people. Don’t let your boo’s bank discourage you from expressing your love.

For a lot of us, transferring money can be a pain in the ass. You either have to go to the bank and queue, or log in to internet banking, add the person’s account number (if it isn’t already stored), enter the amount you want to send, enter some numbers from your token, and hope the transaction was successful. Every. single. time.

I think sending money could be as easy as chatting though, especially if you don’t have to download a new app. Imagine it being so easy that even your mom can use it. I’ll explain.

Kudi is an on-demand payment assistant on your Facebook Messenger (m.me/kudidotai) – that you can chat with with to transfer money, buy airtime, and pay bills (DSTV, GOTV,  PHCN).

I’m hoping you’ve clicked on the link above to chat with Kudi, but if you’re still here, then maybe you need some convincing, so let me try. Here’s why you should use Kudi:

1. You don’t have to download yet another app that will take up memory space on your phone, Kudi is available to you on facebook messenger. (I know, I know, I already said that. Sorry.)

2. You only have to enter your card details once. (Technically, it’s twice. One time for bill payments, one time for money transfers. But after that, you never have to enter card details again. Ever. All transactions are now done without cards, tokens or OTPs.)

3. You don’t have to memorize USSD codes to make any transaction. Just chat with Kudi and payments will be taken care of.

By the way, the menu button to the left of ‘Write a message’ is a quick link to help you choose something. Check it out (m.me/kudidotai).

4. Kudi reminds you when your DSTV/GOTV bill is almost due so that you’re not suddenly cut off in the middle of a BBNaija show. Or a Chelsea-ManU match.

The horror!
5. You can save people’s details (phone and account numbers) such that you don’t have to recall them every time. E.g, you can save your mum’s number so the next time you send airtime to her, you can just type in “send 500 airtime to mum”

6. Kudi is safe and secure with end to end encryption that makes whatever you chat with Kudi stay between you and Kudi.

7. You never have to get up from your bed again to look for your token because you want to transfer money (to buy that nice dress on Instagram) or buy airtime (for your little cousin).

The fine print: Airtime transfers are free (per usual), but money transfers normally cost N100. Money transfers are free for today though (for the first 100 people)!

Start using Kudi now at https://m.me/kudidotai?ref=lindaval and to read more about Kudi, visit http://kudi.ai



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