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What happens when Alex sees her mum having sex with the cook? Find out …

Can Alex bear all the secrets she finds out from her family? From seeing her mom having sex with the cook in the basement to catching her grandmother smoking weed! What could be the worst? Will she be able to achieve her dreams? Find out now in  House Of Fame: Dirty Secrets when you download the free Okadabooks reading app at http://okadabooks.com/app

What is that noise? I thought. It is coming from the basement. I am double sure I am hearing it. It is somewhat faint. I go closer to the basement. The noise becomes louder. I dare not go there! I remembered. Mom will literally kill me. She has always told me never to go there.

I stealthily return to my room. But I am not at rest. My mind keeps disturbing me. I look at my clock. It is 2:00 am in the morning. It’s a full house, everyone is at home. I, mom, dad, Angela, and my grandmother. My feet are extremely sore. I had to stand for at least two hours, caught in the web of the paparazzi and the New York media. Not only me, of course, I and my whole family. Even my granny was there! Smiling, and posing, and acting like a nut case. Ha-ha.

Oh, pardon my manners. I am Alexandria Belle Charlotte, ABC for short, ha-ha. I am the last born of the Charlotte’s family, a family drenched and murdered in cold fame. My father, Andrew Charlotte is a multi-billionaire, owning five five-star hotels, three intercontinental restaurant and of course, the CEO of Charlotte International Corporation, the company overseeing all his numerous businesses. He is even building a mall, Andrew Charlotte’s Mall.

If you ask me, I think that’s quite selfish of him. He should have just named it The Charlotte’s Mall, so that when he dies, it won’t be like a memorial, and we will be easily identified as owners too, and not the “daughter of the owner”.

Yeah, quite greedy of me. I know, I’m a bitch after all. Yeah, I said it.

Well, everyone should be fast asleep, so who is making that noise in the basement? A ghost? Well, I’m sick and tired of this house, some weird things happen which I do not understand, so I am not surprised if this mansion has quite an awful history. Download the full book at  House Of Fame: Dirty Secrets

Curiosity killed the cat, Alex. Go to bed. I thought.

But I found my legs going into my slippers, and I began to walk slowly to the basement. The sound is more intense. What the… A female voice moans deeply. I pause for a moment. Who on earth is that? I thought. Maybe she went there because she knows no one goes into the basement. Apparently where mom keeps her “valuables” as she calls it. As I get closer, I hear another voice faintly. A male voice, groaning softly. Oh shit! I thought.

Charity and Donald!

Charity is the maid, and Donald is the cook. They were obviously having sex. In the basement. I’m so gonna fire them! I thought. But they deserve to be fired, don’t they? I still decide to go quietly. I reached the door. This time the noises were vivid. I opened the door slowly and quietly. I saw them…I froze. Read the full story here House Of Fame: Dirty Secrets

Oh…no… I was so stiff that I could barely feel myself. They did not know that someone had opened the door. Their eyes were closed and they were seriously moaning and groaning, and “pounding” each other. I shut my eyes tightly, just in case it was a dream. I open them slowly, it was real.

Mom and Donald.

Yeah. Mom and the cook…in the basement. I have been there for at least two minutes, and they still didn’t know. I swallowed hard, slowly and quietly closing the door. The noise still went on. They clearly didn’t know that someone saw them. I saved the video. Yeah, I took a video of them with my phone. Why did I do that? I don’t know, but I just did.

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