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Which would you chose for a love gift? A 20,000 Gift voucher or Moto-Z?

So the love season has come & gone and you couldn’t post a singleinsta-video orsnap showing offwhat you got for valbecause it didn’t come early enoughor worse,“boo” simply forgot! Second year running too for that matter…. Now you’re pissed, your hormones are too… you have a right to be! You start wondering if you chose the right person…?


Your phone rings and its “Boo” calling to say the usual words “I’m sorry”, but that doesn’t’ help anything. Boopromises to make it up to you the next day with a late val gift, after all love isn’t just about 24-hours in February and its better late than never right?

Fast forward – Next day “boo”drops by and apologizes again. You both take a stroll to a Spar Store around your house to buy some stuff. At the store “boo” asks you to choose between a Moto-Zand a 20K Gift Voucher? He’s bribing you and you know it…but that’s the point though.
Your brain goes into research mode: Moto-Z; the world’s slimmest premium smartphone that comes with 3GB Ram, 32/64GB Inbuilt Memory,2000GB expandable, 16MP Rear camera and 5mp front camera, 5.5Inch Touchscreen display, nano/dual Sim slots, Fingerprint sensor and 4G enabled,Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC with fast charging and a battery life that could take you through a full 24hour day!
or: a 20,000 SPAR Gift Voucherthat can stock up your kitchen for a while, replace that old DvD player, complete your 6months savings for a new laptop or be the perfect gift for your brother’s upcoming birthday.
Then something strikes your mind and you smile at “boo” thinking,it’s an easy choice. You are getting both the gift voucher and the MotorollaMoto-Z!
Starting from February 14th, when you buy aMoto-Zsmartphone at any SPAR outlet closest to you, you instantly get a N20,000 SPAR gift voucher redeemable at any SPAR store. The world’s thinnest premium smartphone, Moto-Ztransforms with Moto Mods™ turning your phone into a movie projector, stereo speaker, or battery powerhouse.
·         Up to 50 hours extended battery life*
·         Moto Mods™ that transforms your phone into a mini projector, boom-box or battery powerhouse
·         16mp rear camera, 5mp front camera
·         Fingerprint Sensor.
This offer is available at all Spar store locations in Lagos, Abuja & Port-Harcourt and is valid while stocks last. Click HEREto locate the SPAR store closest to you and take advantage of this offer!

To learn more about the innovative Lenovo Moto-Z Play get social with Lenovo via the social handles below
Facebook: @LenovoNG
Twitter: @Lenovo_Nigeria



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