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Who Should Team Green Eliminate From The Challenge?

For a while, Veronica was hanging on by a thread in the Challenge XXX house — but she pulled out a pair of huge wins on tonight’s episode. And now, she and four teammates have been awarded unprecedented power. The question is, what are they gonna do with it?

On tonight’s episode, V, the game’s most veteran player (she started filming her first Challenge before Y2K), found herself at the bottom of the pack. Voted into The Presidio by CT, Hunter, Camila and Kailah, Veronica’s insult met injury when Tori pulled the Double Cross and sent Aneesa — her enemy and Veronica’s lone ally — into the elimination round against Veronica.

“They don’t think that I could possibly come back,” Veronica said. “But I’m prepared to compete…I think I’ve proven myself enough in this game.”

And that’s exactly what she did. After sending Aneesa into the Redemption House — again — with a win in “Web of Lies,” Veronica found herself on the upswing.

Fast-forward to “Blackout”: The game split the remaining players into three teams, and everyone was challenged to escape one of three darkened rooms by scratching through paint with their fingernails to expose a code. Then, when they broke free, they had to complete a puzzle.

Though it was Bananas’ Team Blue that landed on the puzzle first, it was Veronica’s calm and cool demeanor that eventually sparked Team Green’s efficiency as they made headway on the puzzle. And finally, with a couple of decisive moves, the puzzle was done, and Veronica, Britni, Jordan, Kailah and Tony were named the day’s winners.

“Veronica’s the saving grace,” Britni said. “She’s the mastermind of all of this right now.”

When TJ announced that the five competitors wouldn’t just choose the nominees for the coming elimination round but that they’d also eliminate one man and one woman from the game outright, the day’s losers found themselves in unusually vulnerable positions. Strong players like Cara Maria, Bananas and Derrick assumed their banner performances made them targets.

“We’re playing dirty,” Britni insisted. “We’re gonna send home two big dogs today, and it’s a great feeling having this much power. Best reason to keep freaking winning.”

So the winners have made their intentions clear, but which players are they about to boot? And are there choices that are smarter than others? Share your thoughts, and see how this shakes out when The Challenge returns Tuesday at 10/9c!



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